Stress and Anxiety

San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, is a stressful place for adults and teens alike. I can help you regain balance, peace, and a sense of control over your thoughts and your life. Stress and anxiety can zap your energy, leaving you worried, confused, and unfocused. Help is here for your over stressed, over scheduled, out of control life.

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Learn how to stop trying to be perfect and be yourself. Since no one is, or can be, perfect, learn to embrace your mistakes, stop critical self-talk, work more efficiently, and improve relationships.

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Co-Dependency and People Pleasing

Do you need helping changing unhealthy relationship patterns? Whether you are trying to heal from a divorce or break-up or trying to make peace with people-pleasing and care-taking patterns learned in childhood, I can help you learn to set boundaries, build peaceful and happy relationships.

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Teens and 20-Somethings

If you have a stressed-out or angry teenager, I can help. Many teenagers find it helpful to talk to an impartial adult who can offer support and healthy coping skills.

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How to Breakup with Integrity

How to Breakup with Integrity

Mature Ways to Breakup I sometimes hear breakup horror stories. We’re all familiar with the breakup via text, the blame game, and plain old avoidance (ghosting). There are more mature ways to breakup with your partner when things have gone south. Yes, it’s harder, but integrity isn’t something you can have only when it’s easy. First, start […]

How to Stop Procrastinating by Changi...

How to Stop Procrastinating by Changing your Thinking

There are lots of great tips out there on how to stop procrastinating: Start with the hardest task first Set a timer and do it for 5 minutes Eliminate distractions Enlist help Break the task down into small pieces Use an accountability partner These are all helpful approaches. In this article, I want to focus […]

Are You an Overthinker?

Are You an Overthinker?

Wondering if you are an overthinker? Overthinking is common among anxious, perfectionists. It is obsessive thinking or ruminating. People who overthink feel like their brains won’t turn off. They are constantly questioning, second guessing, evaluating. So much so that they create “analysis paralysis”, or the inability to make decisions. Overthinkers prefer that someone else make decisions. […]

Embrace Your Imperfections and Thrive

Embrace Your Imperfections and Thrive

Embrace your Imperfections and Thrive by Sharon Martin, LCSW Does it sound counter-intuitive to embrace your imperfections and thrive at the same time? I think embracing your imperfections is actually key to thriving. One of my all time favorite quotes from Carl Rogers speaks to this idea: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself […]

Crying is Good for You | Counseling |...

Crying is Good for You

Crying is Good for You by Sharon Martin, LCSW   When is the last time you had a good cry? I cried just last Sunday. And you know what? I felt better afterward. Crying is good for you. It is a healthy outlet for feelings. But many people resist. Crying in the therapy office is an […]

What are Healthy Boundaries?

What are Healthy Boundaries? by Sharon Martin, LCSW

What are Healthy Boundaries? By Sharon Martin, LCSW       According to Merriam Webster Dictionary a boundary is “a point or limit that indicates where two things become different”. It is where I stop and you begin. A boundary is a line or space between two people. Healthy boundaries are important to our physical […]

What Contributes to Anxiety?: 6 Thing...

6 Things you Need to Stop Doing When You are Anxious #anxiety

Some of the hallmarks of anxiety are uncontrollable worry, over-thinking, and ruminating. If you suffer from anxiety, you may wonder what contributes to anxiety. These six behaviors can exacerbate anxiety, so you may find it helpful to make changes in these areas.   1. Watching the news: The news is mostly bad news. When I […]

10 Signs you are a Perfectionist

10 Signs you are a Perfectionist #perfectionist

  Perfectionism can be a serious barrier to success and happiness at work and in personal relationships. We might think having high standards is a good thing. However, perfectionists are so harsh and rigid in their thinking and behavior that it can become a problem. Here are 10 signs you are a perfectionist to help […]

How to Help your Infertile Friend on ...

How to Help your Infertile Friend on Mother's Day #infertility

Mother’s Day is hard – really hard – when you’re wanting to have a baby, but can’t. If you care enough about your friend, sibling, or coworker, to look up answers on the internet, you’re half way there. The fact that you are trying to help and recognize that infertility is hard is amazing! And because […]

9 Morning Habits for a Happier Day

9 Morning Habits for a Happier Day #morninghabits #happyday

We’re looking for simple ways to increase our happiness. Our morning habits set the tone for the day. Successful, happy people make time for healthy, centering routines to start their day. Get up early: I always feel better when I get up earlier. I seem to get more done all day long. Exercise: Exercising in the […]

10 Simple Tips to Deal with Perfectio...

Tips to Deal with Perfectionism #perfectionist

I’m glad you’re here to learn more about perfectionism. Your best friend isn’t perfect. Your boss isn’t perfect. Your kids aren’t perfect.  I’m not perfect. Would you actually want your therapist to be perfect? I don’t think so. I want my therapist to “have it together”, but still be imperfect enough so I know s/he […]

Breathe your way to a Peaceful Life: ...

Breathe your way to a Peaceful Life #breathe #stressreduction

Breathing Exercises for Stress Breathing is my favorite stress reliever. It’s quick, easy, and you can do it anywhere. In my opinion, there’s really no wrong way to utilize breathing to reduce stress. In its simplest form you can do it in the grocery store line or between test questions. You don’t actually need any […]

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Welcome! Life here in Silicon Valley is busy and stressful. My goal is to help you build a peaceful and balanced life. Please take a look around and read some of my articles on anxiety, stress, codependency, and perfectionism. Are you overwhelmed and tired, feeling "not good enough", paralyzed by perfectionism, stuck in an unhappy relationship? When you're ready to make lasting changes and grow happiness, give me a call or schedule an appointment online. I look forward to working with you.

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